Javier Airas, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit

The Belgrade based main office of the German Technical Development Cooperation (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)) is having for a several years now the great pleasure to be able to count on the excellent services of „Jadrankina kuhinja“. The choice of the cuisine is demand-driven, being a delicate mixture of home-made and exquisite, fancy food. Jadrankina Kuhinja has proven over the years to be able to continuously re-invent itself, creating new choices, adapting and re-developing the dishes that our employees desire and enjoy very much. Due to the warmhearted personality of its employees the lunch break has become one of those moments motivating customs during the working day everybody enjoys in a team-building spirit. And last but not least, please be aware that nobody will be able to resist Jadrankas deserts!


Hotel Anesis team, Pelion Greece

An excellent cook, a lovely hostess with a temperament as sweet and savory as her culinary creations. Jadranka is a pleasure to work and dine with, creating a festive mood around even the simplest dish. Her attention to detail and a touch of theatrics make her cooking a light and fun experience combining professional standards with the warmth of home.


Aleksandra Ristić, Fine Gallery

I herewith can confirm that I have known Jadranka Baljak for many years and we’ve built up the successful relationship over the years.

Because of the nature of my job, I am frequently in Serbia. So, for several occasions, such as garden parties for my employees and my friends, I have hired Jadranka Baljak to make and organize all foods and sweets for those events.

I could proudly say that every time I was positively surprised by her innovation and willingness to give something new.

Beside Serbian specialties, she offered wide range of Italian pasta with wonderful mixture of prosciutto and blue cheese, with roasted pine nuts and basilica, as well as all kind of fresh tomato sauce with minced meat and peanuts. Not to mention all kind of starters that are not only tasty but beautiful decorated.

Exceptionally want to praise her fruit cakes, with crust without flour, only with egg white, nuts and almonds, and fresh fruits in tasty vanilla filling with touch of mint herbs in it.

I could highly recommend Jadranka Baljak as creative, imaginative and responsible person that is ready to meet your requirements.


SirOvina bar

Ketering prste da poližeš iz Jadrankine kuhinje, a ako niste probali kolačiće uz kafu

mnogo ste propustili.


Katarina Smiljanić, General Manager of Tehnoma Beograd

It is with pride that I recommend Jadranka Baljak as responsible and imaginable cook in many ways.

I am General Manager of Tehnoma Belgrade, and we hired her for several occasion – business lunches, cocktail parties, as well as private birthday parties.

Her wide range of cooking is well known to me for years.

She is good in making all kind of meats with beautiful and full of imagination dressings, as well as vegetables, Italian pasta and all kind of pastries, little cocktail snacks with avocado, celery, sesame, etc, cookies and cakes.

I want to emphasize her ability of making remarkable almond and walnut cookies, as well as chocolate and fruit cakes.

I also want to recommend her home made goat cheese with olive oil and dried tomato, as well as her homemade bread with it.

Her organization skills are excellent and for further recommendation. She is profoundly dedicated and responsible. Also she is ready for any kind of experimentation.

I hope that in her future life she will be allowed to develop her talent to the extent of its limits.


Mirjana Baljak, Owner of Per Lei

It gives me great satisfaction to recommend Jadranka Baljak as a great cook.

I, as owner of Per Lei hired her for several private occasions and was really astonished to her ability to surprise me every next time of our cooperation with great and tasty cooking.

I would like to recommend some of her national specialties as ‘gibanica’ and ‘proja’ as well as well known butter cookies and Komisbrot.

Her inspiring cooking is well known to me for years.

She is good in making all kind of international dishes with her own touch in it, as well as Italian and Chinese food, and her own recipes for different kind of sweets.

She is well known to me because of her excellent Tatar beef.

Her organization skills are great and she is very dedicated and responsible.


Zozefina Adzic, Teaching Assistant, Brighton

I herewith can confirm that I have known Jadranka Baljak for many years and we’ve built up the successful, respectful and honest relationship over the years.

As a Teaching Assistant I am involved in children’s lives intensively and Jadranka is known to me as a respectful chef / caterer and has been directly involved in children’s menus for the kids parties / birthdays parties / baptising events, etc. that I have had organised – host thru the years.

She’s been always innovative, imaginative and creative with children’s menus and has been exceeding the expectation in any ways, especially with the presentation of the children’s meals, always creative and made with fresh, tasteful and healthy ingredients.

At all times I have found Jadranka to be reliable, hard-working, honest person and I can highly recommend her as a chef for the main dish / nibbles / cocktail snacks / deserts for all kinds of children’s events.

If you have any further questions with regard to her cooking background, please do not hesitate to contact me on the details as per mentioned above.


Boban Jovanović, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Ljubljana Slovenia

It is with honest that I recommend Jadranka Baljak as a great and creative cook in many ways.

I am her friend for years, but last 12 years I am living in Slovenia.

Well known to me all her specialties from Serbian food to Mexican, Arabic, and Italian….

Recently, I was hired her to come to Slovenia, and made several dinners for my friends from Greece.

She was up to the task as before. She made all kind of Greek specialties, such as spezofai (grilled sausages with mixed vegetables), grilled feta, tomato balls, Greek salad, and desert with fresh pineapple with honey and cinnamon, served with little pieces of chocolate cake.

Next evening we have got lamb from the oven in lemon sauce served with potato filled with cheese cream and oregano. For desert we have got nice homemade ice cream of vanilla and chocolate with fresh fruit dressing.

I still remember that perfect evening. So, I also want to emphasize her organization skills as well as ability to serve the food in most appropriate way.

I do hope she will be more successful in her future life.